Employment 60+

For many Israeli seniors, the "golden years" of retirement have become a millstone of social isolation and financial drain. Recent statistics indicate that over 20% of retired people in Israel cannot support themselves and face the danger of old age poverty. 

On the national level, Israel and its economy are losing an incalculable national resource in the form of the collectively acquired life experience and professional skills of the elderly.

Vehadarta’s "Second Time Around" program offers tools of self-help for our target population: hundreds of thousands of men and women from all walks of life, including professionals, teachers, administrators, engineers, industrial and blue collar workers accustomed to self-supporting income who are now finding it increasingly difficult to sustain themselves and their families. Our program is designed to assist the older population to recapture their personal dignity and self-worth through gainful employment.

The program is based on the concept of an internet site offering  a wide range of services that are accessed through the web. All services are targeted and designed to facilitate and pave the way for mature workers who want to re-enter the job market.